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7 Tips for better photos on your wedding day!

philipeno bride in wedding gown under a sheer veil

1. Do an engagement session

I can’t stress this one enough. Do an engagement session, but do it with the photographer who is going to photograph your wedding. Not only is it good practice for you to warm up in front of the camera, but it helps the photographer get to know the two of you and your personalities. Are you romantic or lighthearted, do you need very little guidance or a lot, what are the best angles to photograph you? These are all things that your photographer picks up on at the engagement session which allows them to perform better for you on the wedding day! You’ll also get to know how your photographer works, and learn the types of images that you like most.

Couple durring an engagement session on the Brooklyn Bridge

2. Professional hair & makeup

Professional hair and makeup go a long way on the wedding day-it’s like real life photoshop. A good makeup artist will know exactly how to bring out your best; making you feel super -confident for your photos! Don’t go overboard though, opt for a natural-but-polished look so you’ll still feel and look like yourself in your photos.

Portrait of bride during engagement session outside of the VMFA

3. Allow the time to take good photos

10 minutes or less is not enough time to take photos that are relaxed, natural, and polished. Aim to give your photographer at least 20 minutes for portraits of you two on your wedding day. Allowing enough time is crucial-when you rush, your photos will look rushed and you won’t get very many. Each photographer is different, so make sure to ask them how much time is preferable!

Couple embracing during portraits at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens wedding

4. Focus on moments

The photography should be about the wedding, not the other way around. Don’t just take stiff portraits looking straight into the camera, focus on moments too. Plan to do things that allow real emotion-a father-daughter first look, mimosas with the bridesmaids, or bourbon with the groomsmen. Build small things into the day that will be fun to share with family and friends, and you’ll have amazing candid imagery.

Emotional father daughter first look on the wedding day

5. Know your photographer is on your side

Your photographer, whomever you choose, wants to bring out the best in you two. They strive to create images that are amazing and showcase you two in the finest way. The more you trust and appreciate them, the harder they will work for you. The phrase that you can say to your photographer that always takes the pressure and makes the process much more fun and enjoyable is “we trust you.” Where there is mutual trust between subject and photographer, that is where the magic happens. If you feel the need to control or dictate the direction of the shoot, or just don’t know if you could trust your photographer to get the images you want, you may want to keep looking for one who will be the right fit for you.

Groom smiling and holding his bride after ceremony

6. Focus on lighting

Bad lighting can highlight every crease, crevice, and bump on your face while good lighting can make your skin sing! Lighting is EVERYTHING when it comes to photography-as photography is, after all, the art of capturing light. When planning out where to get ready, the location of the ceremony, and even the time of day that you take portraits, think about the light. You want to aim for bright & airy with ample light but not direct sunbeams. Think rooms with large windows, shaded spots outside on a sunny day, or that hour before sunset when the light turns soft and golden (what photographers call ‘the golden hour’).

Couple under cherry blossom trees during engagement session at VMFA

7. Have fun together

This is probably the most important thing…just have fun together! You don’t have to worry about looking good, your photographer should have much experience guiding couples into the perfect image. That way all you need to focus on is enjoying the process and having loads of fun together! The more fun you have together, the more relaxed and natural you’ll look in your photos.

Couple laughing together on the wedding day outside of their reception at the richmond carillon

7 tips for better wedding photos