Iconic wedding photography for couples that collect stories, relationships and art. Based in the DC area of the east coast. Traveling globally.


To us, fine art wedding photography is an expressive combination of candid and styled imagery — seeking out the finer details and letting the moment unfold to produce a masterpiece. Infusing this high touch, yet soft approach with imagery leading to emotive and painterly work that is as unique as the couple in front of the lens.

Led by a team of two. Based on the east coast of the United States. Traveling to wedding
destinations worldwide.


Our artistic method is inspired by the beauty found in your romantic connection. While your story inspires us most of all, we also weave in candid moments, and artful imagery to create an exquisitely chic and timeless look.

The Approach

itself as we thoughtfully guide you into the best setting for the moment at hand, a location with soft lighting and a deliberate background. Then we step back to let the effortless romance shine through, as it does when the environment and the emotions fall into place. The resulting aesthetic is a richly romantic and personal depiction that truly serves as an heirloom.

One must note that true fine art photography insists upon an understanding of the subtleties—the significance of light, the nuances of color and the power of intentional framing. We follow these signals and the pulse of emotions, walking the fine line of documenting and directing to create art out of your once-in-a-lifetime moments. This approach will manifest

Behind Our Fine Art Wedding Photography

The Philosophy

Savoring life — that has always been a part of my story. As a child, I traveled all over Europe and fell in love with the culture and effortless sophistication. When I discovered film photography, it felt like my worlds collided. Art, romance, culture.

I’ve found that weddings and age-old cities alike have delightful surprises and experiences that leave you awestruck. Riveting elegance that feels more familiar than foreign, like the historic Italian chateau you spent the summer in, and where the locals know you by name. There’s an irresistible sense of belonging. You could say I have an affinity for European flairs, and for the ethereal, and it’s true. My partner and wife, Kristy, is the same way. This is what led us to working with couples who can’t quite describe it, but who know they are looking for that very thing.

With that being said, I am both a dreamer and a doer, romantic and reserved. This contrasting approach complements weddings better than I could have imagined, allowing me to create, adapt and acknowledge the beauty that is already in front of us.


I’ll Be The First To Admit: I’m A Dreamer And Often Feel Swept Up By What Life Has To Offer.

- Lynn & Nick

“He put us at ease right from the start with his calm, warm, and personable nature. While we are not naturals in front of the camera, he was able to take so many beautiful shots that looked more candid than posed. David is very responsive, pleasant to communicate with, and returned our photos within a matter of weeks! We loved our session with him so much that we also asked him to return to NYC to shoot our City Hall ceremony- whenever they reopen!”

- Sarah & Jon

“David, oh what can we say about David. He simply was amazing to work with. From engagement photos to the wedding day to crafting a wedding album that tells our story for years to come, he does it all, with professionalism, great detail, and perhaps a glass of champagne. David is thoughtful, clearly experienced, and precise. He has a great ability to capture the day in a way that the pictures tell a story. His pictures evoke an emotion, a memory; it's indescribable really.”

- Mark & Carter

“He made us feel so comfortable and made an effort to get to know us and our story. He exceeded any expectations I ever had. He's also the kindest human and goes out of his way to make your engagement and wedding day special. He helped us in many ways outside of just photography and gave us the best advice from day one. Book him before someone else does!”

- Kelly

“He was very professional but not too intrusive in getting information before our big day. After just a couple of conversations he totally got us as a couple and captured our vibe absolutely perfectly. I needed someone who could give some guidance and then work his magic to take the perfect picture and that's exactly what David did. We cannot thank David enough and you cannot go wrong with this team!!!”

Signature style, rich with emotion

No two photographs alike

Collaborating with couples and wedding creatives

Sparing no detail

An intentional styling process

Romantic imagery

We’re Known For


Revered by international clients, publications and planners, David is an award-winning fine art wedding photographer. He marries the worlds of editorial and romance with an approach based on savoring life and art. He has a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and an intimate understanding of the European affairs couples ask him to document. Other photographers now learn under David’s mentorship with workshops and coaching. David is drawn to the small delights of life, keen to learn new craft cocktail recipes and discover new dishes at restaurants nearby, and abroad. Home is the DMV area where he is a father of two who loves hosting meals on the outdoor patio under the cafe lights. Along with Kristy, he is slowly renovating the home one room at a time, while planning to retire in Tuscany surrounded by the rolling hills of wine country.

Founder. Lead Photographer.

David Abel


The perfect balance to David’s dreamer side, Kristy brings a background in science and hands-on analytical thinking that completes their dynamic. Together, they have grown the business to what it is today, acknowledging that without each other, their couples and the overwhelming support they’ve received, they could not be where they are now. You’ll encounter Kristy working at David’s side, our secondary photographer, but second-to-none in managing the logistics and keeping an eye out for the elusive photo opportunities. She’s known for the incredible, documentary-style images that capture heartfelt moments with family and friends. At home, she’s likely to have a glass of wine in hand (preferably a Tuscan white). She’s also a mother to two mischievous children and won’t shy away from treating herself to chocolate-dipped cannolis when the moment calls for it.

Partner. Photographer. Logistics Lead.

Kristy Abel

The people, the cuisine, the culture — all played a major role in shaping our love for slowing down and appreciating the richness that life has to offer. This ideal carries over into the documentation of weddings and people. We would be honored to incorporate this approach with your wedding event, getting to know your story as we create something exquisite for you.

An Ideal That Carries Into Weddings