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Wedding photographers; we are also artists, stylists, advocates, editors and most importantly—we’re the ones who turn a service into an experience. Allow us to show you how to create this experience, revolutionizing the way you work, and how your work is received.

edding photographers; we are also artists, stylists, advocates, editors and most importantly—we’re the ones who turn a service into an experience. Allow us to show you how to create this experience, revolutionizing the way you work, and how your work is received.


Breathe new life into your photography business with an editorial workshop that will guide you in refreshing and re-aligning your portfolio, opening your eyes to the world of high-end, fashion-inspired weddings. With an incredible introduction to fine art photography, timeless styling and tips for taking photos that publications will practically beg for, you’ll walk away with incredible photos and a proven approach that will attract a luxury market. Meet us at the next workshop!


Editorial Workshop

- Kristin S. | Lustre Theory

“I can't say enough wonderful things about David. I've worked with many photographers as a stylist and he is by far one of my favorites for dreamy, film shot wedding and fashion imagery. He is so kind and relaxing to work with. If you're looking for incredible, upscale images you should chat with David.”

That jealousy dissipated and turned into the clarity and motivation we needed to hit our goals. We started making a bigger difference for our clients and for ourselves, with our own take on the very things that encouraged us to take action in the first place.

Selfish about the work we put out there, the weddings we dedicated our creative energy to, the business we actually wanted to run. If we saw something we wanted to do, a lust-worthy image we wanted to create, we stopped wondering pitifully why that wasn’t us, and started chasing after it.

Our business transformed when we became selfish.

We’ll show you the ropes.

“Success” that helped us feel fulfilled in our work

More clients that aligned with our values and vision

Less stress and more focus

The freedom to create the life we want

True balance in our lives and more creative energy

Clarifying Our Real Purpose In This Business Led Us To

What’s said about this luxury wedding photographer team

As Seen In print, And Praised By Vendors

- Melissa H. | Style Me Pretty

“The images by David Abel are a timeless storytelling of history, style, and romance.”

- Maureen M. | Just A Little Ditty

“His images are works of art.”

- Kristin S. | Lustre Theory

“As a stylist, he is by far one of my favorites for dreamy, film-shot wedding and fashion imagery.”

For years, we labored to grow our photography business. In full transparency, we sailed into this world while building the ship we sailed in on. Without a direction or a strong mentorship, we wasted time and lost opportunities. Eventually, we found that purpose and perspective after realizing that we could only go so far alone. We developed a signature route that worked for us, and finally, gratefully, it brought us to the doorstep of the business we always hoped for. While the cornerstone of our method is built on our personal approach and influences, none of this progress would have ever been possible were it not for the community, mentorship and support we found.

15 years later, one thing has been made clear—it’s not just the photographs you take that can hold you back. It can be your mindset, client experience, vendor relationships or any number of things. So now, with a limited number of wedding photography clients per year and a passion for nurturing the photography industry, we’re unveiling any and everything that has helped us, and that can dramatically change your business too.

I know what it is like to be lost.

I Started Mentoring Photographers Because

07. Proof

06. Experience

05. Reputation

04. Connections

03. Voice

02. Positioning

01. Imagery

We don’t believe in teaching one sole aspect of photography. Too much focus on only one area will lead to an uneven approach and will leave your experience lacking in areas that are just as critical.

You may very well be the Picasso of photography, but without an engaging marketing plan or a luxury client experience, you’ll leave clients wanting for more. To adequately (and favorably) build your photography business, you need foundational pillars that rise together. Below are the pillars that we use and share in our workshops and one-on-one photography mentoring.

A Curated Approach To Your Needs

Want an inside look at the 7 pillars we named above? We’ll tell you why they matter and share a few insights to make your brand stronger.

The 7 Pillars Of A Fulfilling (& Successful) Photography Business

As the parents of two children under ten, we know what it’s like to feel like you’re being pulled in every direction. Never enough time in the day and too much to do and yet, the needle doesn’t move. Your wheels just spin and spin.

When we switched from trying to do everything to doing what worked for us, we saw an impact on our bottom line. And let us tell you, this was a frustrating lesson to learn. To think that we could have had more time off, higher profits and more time spent doing what we love—all if we would’ve acknowledged our limits—why didn’t we do this sooner?

Whether you’re parents like us, or you’re a travel enthusiast who is keen to take those weekly hours from 40 to 20 with more time for international getaways, (that’s something we’re also passionate about), we have been there. Trying to make things work, getting creative sometimes too much — and struggling to grow. But sometimes it’s better to get out of your comfort zone or to invest in a reflector that won’t take out your client’s cake (we’ll tell that story another time).

Specializing in film imagery for destination weddings

Photographer for 15+ years

I’m David Abel

Our overarching approach to photography mentoring is probably giving away a little too much, but we know it’s the only way to sincerely show you how to create the inner workings of a business that syncs up with what you actually want for your life, and what you want to be known for.

Evolve & Enjoy Your Photography Business